Summer Research 2017 (MAP info for students)

Thanks for indicating an interest in doing summer MAP research with me.  The next step is for you to do a little reading (see links below) in preparation for a skype/Gmail conversation next week. This will allow you to ask questions about planned research, to talk about expectations and for us to get to know each other a little bit (if we don’t already).  You can anticipate that I’ll want to hear about your goals in doing MAP research with me.

First, here is the presentation that was played at last Tuesday’s seminar, with a summary of potential* summer 2017 MAP opportunities, in case you missed it:


*pending funding and other decisions.

Monarch/milkweed project

If you are interested in this project, please read the three documents below:

Damselfly color evolution/pigment function studies

First, I should warn you that my commitment to taking students for this project this summer is not yet 100%, due to some negotiations about timing and priorities with my collaborator and some family obligations that are not yet settled.  There are three possibilities:

  1. Two students would spend 3-4 weeks in June in Hawaii and 6 weeks in Grinnell.
  2. One student would spend all 10 weeks in Grinnell, starting in June working on pigment chemistry of specimens brought back by me at an earlier date.
  3. I won’t take MAP students on this project this summer, though possibilities exist for planning a MAP in Fall 2017 and Spring or Summer 2018.

I hope this will be clear by Feb. 15th, and I will certainly let you know by Feb 22, two days before the application deadline, as I realize this could affect your ranking of different projects.  I apologize for the uncertainty, but life/work is sometimes complex  . . .

If you are interested in this project, please read the following before our interview:


Here is how to schedule a Skype/Gmail meeting with me:

  1. Go to this doodle poll  and find an open time slot.
  2. In the ‘name’ field, put either your skype name or your gmail address.  I will then send you an invite to video chat/skype.
  3. If none of the open times work, send me an email with 2 other times earlier or later on these days.